Who We Are


Founded by Mr and Mrs Pasha in 1992, Pashas Recycling came about because two people had a vision and the drive to succeed. Though they started off in a humble 1,500 square foot unit with a bailing machine in the back and a gleam in their eyes, Mr and Mrs Pasha were eager to move up in the recycling world.

The Pashas ultimately wanted to revolutionise recycling: By offering complete waste management solutions, they made it easier than ever to responsibly dispose of waste and help keep the planet a (fairly) clean and tidy place to be.

As the business grew, so did the premises; Pashas later acquired a larger 6,000 square foot unit and consolidated the business, acquiring new clients and improving relations with older customers. Later on, Omar and Haroon Pasha joined the family business after finishing their education, bringing academic smarts to their parent’s burgeoning business.

With the extra hands on deck, expansion efforts began in earnest and the Pashas then acquired a 30,000 square foot unit (a whole acre to recycle in peace) and fork lift trucks to go with it. In time, annual sales hit the £500,000 mark, so Pashas recycling then installed an automatic bailer in 2013.

As the sales and equipment increased, so did the forklift fleet, rising to a total of 5 trucks as Pashas Recycling rose to annual sales of £2,000,000! Throughout all of this, Pashas have managed to expand organically, building up repeat customers and a reputation for honesty and transparency throughout.

Our Team

Lead by the Pasha family, our team of waste management specialists, plant managers and drivers can give you the complete solution to your waste problems, whatever your needs. From supplying you with commercial waste bins to collecting them and ensuring that your waste is properly recycled, our team can take care of it all for you.

Our Team


It is our mission to ensure that all the waste we process is disposed of legally, safely and  responsibly in line with UK legislation and our code of ethics. This means that we continue to invest in quality plants and equipment to ensure safe practices as well as giving back to the community with charitable schemes and doing our best to maintain high levels of hygiene in our areas of operation.

In recent years, the recycling industry has been subject to a great deal of mistrust and scrutiny, thanks to a number of dishonest companies and fraudulent recycling firms. Our mission is to provide companies nationwide with reliable, trustworthy and transparent waste recycling services, wherever they are in England.

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Day by day, we are making the world a cleaner, happier place. By encouraging more businesses to recycle their waste – rather than send it to landfill – we are helping to create a world in which all waste can be reused or recycled.

We dream of a world where there are no more soiled nappies in landfills, no more dejected crisp packets blowing in the wind and no more listless carrier bags floating in the ocean.