Our Process

Why We Are Different

Pasha recycling adhere to tried-and-tested recycling processes, using experienced, fully trained technicians. We also strive to embrace new technology and introduce leading-edge techniques to speed up and refine these processes for our customers where possible.

The Pasha group and our partners follow a 4-step process to ensure that we comply with industry regulations whilst adding value to our clients’ businesses:

To efficiently transport and recycle plastics, we use special baling machines to form dense, uniformly shaped, stackable bales – secured by twine or wire – that can be easily transported by pallet. Baling removes as much air as possible, reducing volume by up to 90% to vastly increase the amount of plastic that can be transported compared to un-baled loads.

With the equipment and expertise that we and our partners possess, we can prepare plastics to be reused in a wide variety of applications using the following processes:


 By investing in the latest technological advances in waste sorting processes, we can produce some of the purest recycled plastics possible.

Washing & drying

To prevent contamination of the end product, we wash all the plastics that pass through our facilities to remove residues, grease, dust and other contaminants.

Prior to the final stages of recycling, the plastics are reduced to a more manageable size so that they can be easily introduced to the final processing machines.


 First, we use powerful hydraulic shredding machines with spinning rotors that rip the plastics into smaller pieces (usually around 60mm), ready for the next stage.


Then, we transfer the plastics to granulator machines which use high-speed cutting knives to further reduce the size of the pieces – now known as reground or regrind – usually to 10-12mm in diameter.

We also offer compounding services for your plastics, allowing you to use the ‘regrind’ in heat-based applications such as certain types of injection-moulding directly from the granulation stage. However, we are happy to accommodate any additional refinement processes if you’re looking for higher-quality raw ingredients.