It is our mission to ensure that all the waste we process is disposed of legally, safely and responsibly in line with UK legislation and our code of ethics. This means that we continue to invest in quality plants and equipment to ensure safe practices as well as giving back to the community with charitable schemes and doing our best to maintain high levels of hygiene in our areas of operation.

In recent years, the recycling industry has been subject to a great deal of mistrust and scrutiny, thanks to a number of dishonest companies and fraudulent recycling firms. Our mission is to provide companies nationwide with reliable, trustworthy and transparent  waste recycling services, wherever they are in England.

Waste Management Company
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Day by day, we are making the world a cleaner, happier place. By encouraging more businesses to recycle their waste – rather than send it to landfill – we are helping to create a world in which all waste can be reused or recycled.

We dream of a world where there are no more soiled nappies in landfills, no more dejected crisp packets blowing in the wind and no more listless carrier bags floating in the ocean.

Our Team

Lead by the Pasha family, our team of waste management specialists, plant managers and drivers can give you the complete solution to your waste problems, whatever your needs. From supplying you with commercial waste bins to collecting them and ensuring that your waste is properly recycled, our team can take care of it all for you.



We track every step of the recycling process to ensure all the waste we process is disposed of legally, safely and responsibly, with records to make sure that everything is accountable. We know that all the waste we process is dealt with responsibly and you can trust us!


Pashas Recycling is dedicated to reducing waste and streamlining our collection, recycling and disposal services so that you get an effective service and we can help to clean up the country. By cutting waste in our business practices, we can process your waste much more effectively.


When it comes to services as crucial as waste management and recycling, we understand that you need a waste management consultant you can rely on. We promise to give you first-class services every time, so you can focus on what is important to your business while we do the same.


As a professional Waste Management Company, We are responsible for every shred of waste that passes through our hands, just as we are responsible to our customers and the bodies that oversee our industry. We take this responsibility seriously and have taken many steps to improve our business practices and improve our services whilst following the letter of the law, good business practices and our own values.